Institute of Translation & Interpreting

Requirements for Qualified Membership


A first degree or postgraduate qualification in a relevant subject or a corresponding qualification accepted by ITI.


References. Recommendation regarding ability and good repute by at least three persons (two professional and one character) for translators, lecturers and ad hoc interpreters. All references must be from different sources. Character references must not be from a spouse/partner or immediate family member.

Conference interpreters:

Conference interpreters require references according to the A-B-C language classification system as follows:

Active languages:

A – The interpreter’s native language (or another language strictly equivalent to a native language), into which the interpreter works from all her or his other languages.

B – A language other than the interpreter’s native language, of which he or she has a perfect command and into which he or she works from one or more of his or her other languages.

Passive languages:

C – Languages of which the interpreter has a complete understanding and from which he or she works.

Reference requirements:

A – At least 2 referees with an A in the same language

B – At least 1 referee with an A in the same language and 1 other referee with either an A or B in the same language

C – At least 2 referees with the language in their own combination at A, B or C


Language requested Referee requirement
A – English Referee 1 - A
Referee 2 - A
B – French Referee 1 - B
Referee 3 - A
C – German Referee 1 - C
Referee 2 - B

Waivers: For conference interpreters only, in exceptional circumstances a waiver may be granted, such as in the case of an applicant having more unusual language combinations for which sufficient referees cannot be found.


Recent professional experience:

For Translators:

A minimum of five years’ full-time work (or a correspondingly longer period part-time) and successful assessment of work or a Pass in the ITI Membership Examination; alternatively, three years’ full-time (or correspondingly longer part-time), plus a Pass in the ITI Membership Examination, unless the applicant can satisfy the Admissions Committee that there are exceptionally strong grounds for exemption.

For Interpreters:

A minimum of 200 days over a period of five years plus a successful Assessment Interview; alternatively, a minimum of 120 days over a period of three years plus a Pass in the ITI Membership Examination, and/or successful Assessment Interview. Conference Interpreters must either meet the above or be current active members of AIIC.

For Lecturers (in higher education):

A minimum of three years’ full-time (or a correspondingly longer period of part-time) professional experience plus a minimum of two academic years in post.