the Austrian Translators and Interpreters Association


UNIVERSITAS, the Austrian Translators and Interpreters Association, is the country’s most comprehensive professional organization, serving language professionals and their clients in all fields of translational activity. UNIVERSITAS takes pride in representing university-educated professionals working in such diverse fields as technical and literary translation, conference, court and liaison interpreting, and the newer domains of localization, terminology and technical writing. Its roughly 500 members throughout Austria ensure the highest standards of qualification and performance in more than two dozen working languages, making UNIVERSITAS the consultant of choice for translational services.

Types of membership

1.) Student membership
For students in university-level translation programs
Requirements: 2 recommendations from UNIVERSITAS members

2.) Associate membership
For translators and interpreters actively practising the profession
Requirements: 2 recommendations from UNIVERSITAS members
Degree from an Austrian university according to the applicable rules and regulations or comparable degree from a university institution abroad.
Evidence of work experience in translating or interpreting in an amount acceptable to UNIVERSITAS.

3.) Qualified membership
Requirements (for both conference interpreters and translators): 2 years of membership (minimum), recommendations from two or more qualified members(referees) depending on the number and combination of working languages of the applicant and based on a successful assessment of his/her work.

4) Subscribers to UNIVERSITAS newsletter


For more information, please visit our website at http://www.universitas.org/

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